I am very flexible in using the shipping service of your choice. However, I have been using FedEx and UPS over the last 10 years with complete satisfaction. Fast, secure, professional with regular almost hourly online tracking updates, which allows us to know where your package is at every moment.
However, if you have any specific preference, we will accomodate your choice.

For small items, such as small parts (buckles, bracelets, etc, we usually ship Registered Certified mail, third party insured.

To my French clients, sorry but I no longer ship using Chronopost International due to 2 very poor experiences, my only 2 package thefts in 10 years of international shipping, and a complete lack of professional follow up on their part.

Personal opinions aside, I also of course welcome meetings in persons, at which point you can pick up the watch yourself.

If you have any other specific requests or recommendations in regards to shipping, of course feel free to contact me to express your request (view contact info in main menu section).

Sincere regards,