Dear Watch Collectors and Enthusiasts,

As a lot of you know, I have been collecting and trading watches for almost 15 years. Like many of you, we always aim at bettering our collection as we discover different manufactures and models. We then discover the imperfections, the replacement parts, the damage(s) naturally incurred over time due to water exposure or else, poor care of the previous owners, etc.

As a consequence of several years of collecting, I have accumulated a relatively large selection (still to be uploaded) of vintage parts from various manufactures. These are useful and valuable to better our current timepieces, instead of acquiring "new" ones.

I thought useful to share the possibility to acquire them, in a web site specialized strictly for parts.

I hope you will enjoy and find it easy visiting the stock and please do not hesitate to email me should I be able to help.

Sincere regards,

Philippe Mathias CAPURRO


Member of the NAWCC, # 0167637

National Association of Watch and Clock